Tan Towel is committed to accessibility. This core principle of inclusiveness extends to the online experiences we create.

Tan Towel's website is designed to conform to the principles of WCAG 2.1 AA. These websites reach beyond compliance, providing usability improvements that benefit all users including those that rely on assistive technology.

Our website has a robust, internal accessibility program. Tan Towel tests its site with screen readers and color correction tools. Additionally, we have commissioned third-party accessibility developers to not only review but redesign portions of the website. To help ensure that who all people have the same experience on our website, the website has been tested and reviewed by disabled individuals using various assistive technology.

If you are a screen reader user, we recommend accessing the website with the following browser-screen reader combinations:

  • Windows: JAWS with Firefox
  • Mac: VoiceOver with Safari

Technology is evolving and the implementation of online accessibility is rapidly changing. Tan Towel makes iterations to our sites following regular internal accessibility reviews and based on your feedback. Accessibility is powered by your willingness to share your experience on our site.

We can easily be contacted at our direct number:

(888) 826-8695

We also maintain a online point of contact for accessibility on our website:

Tan Towel Accessibility

Products and services available on this website are available at our office location and over the phone. We can also help assist in understanding the application process in person.

Accessibility Features

  • Supports full keyboard navigation, following established UI patterns such as Enter or Space for activating buttons, or ESC key to close dialogs.
  • Dynamically manage focus. When page dialogs appear, focus is set to the dialog. Tab key is trapped inside the dialog to prevent keyboard from accessing disabled content underneath.
  • Association of form inputs with labels, providing information to screen readers and an additional clickable area for mouse users
  • Superior color contrast that supports all users including those with RGB blindness or low-screen brightness
  • Images contain descriptive alternative text and images of text are avoided
  • Leverage ARIA to provide descriptive website markup for assistive technology, which must organize and contextualize website elements
  • Alert screen readers to dynamic changes in text via ARIA live regions and focus management

We do post content on social media channels where we can't fully control how it's displayed.

We value accessibility

Tan Towel engaged with Be Accessible, a third party, accessibility-focused web design firm to not only review but remediate its online properties.