Application Tips

Which Formula Should I Use?

Tantowel has developed unique, water based self tanning formulas. Patented technology infuses the formulation into a towelette for even, streak free application. 


For fair to medium skin tones. Contains DHA to give you a sun-kissed glow with one application.


For medium to dark skin tones. We've added eurythulose - a color-enhancing additive for a deeper, darker, sunless tan - to this formula.

Which Results Can I Expect?

Whatever your skin tone and whichever formula you choose, you can build your own tan with Tantowel. Simply reapply as often as required to go from pale skin to Bali Bronze. One application should give you a natural, healthy glow within 4-8 hours. For deeper results, use a 2nd towelette.

Application Tips


Exfoliate before self-tanning to eliminate dry and dead skin cells. This helps for an even application.


Use on clean dry skin in a circular motion.  Apply all over Face and/or body, leaving elbows, ankles, knees and backs of hands until last.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands after an application to prevent the self-tan formula from developing on your palms.

Stay Dry

Stay dry for at least 4 hours.  Avoid applying products that may contain oils as they may prevent the self-tan from developing.  Color will begin to develop within 2-4 hours, and may continue up to 24 hours. One application may last up to 7 days. 


Reapply as needed, to maintain your self-tan. For darker results, repeat application after 4 hours.

To extend and maintain your tan use Tantowel On the Glow or Tantowel Body Glow moisturizer.